Bayer Kiltix Flea Tick Prevention Collars Size 70 Cm

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Bayer Kiltix Flea Tick Prevention Collars Size 70 Cm



Kiltix collar controls ticks and fleas and provides protection against some ticks for up to 7 months. Buckle collar comfortably around the dog's neck (so that 2 to 3 fingers can be inserted easily between collar and dog's neck). Cut off any excess length of the collar and dispose of it. Daily searching of the entire body and removal of ticks is recommended, paying particular attention to the area in and around the ears.


   *** Should not be use on dog with extensive skin lesion, sick or weak dogs & on puppy ***



Names and concentration of active substances

Propoxur                   10.00% w/w

Flumethrin                   2.25% w/w 



Kiltix  is an antiparasitic agent for the control of ticks and fleas on dogs by killing and protecting from their re-infestation. Efficacy against ticks and fleas lasts for 5-6 months if collar is worn continuously.


Direction for use:

1. Remove collar from protective pouch, unroll and remove the plastic strip from the inside of the collar. Attach collar loosely around the dog's neck (a space of two fingers should remain between collar and neck) and pull excess collar through the loop. Proper fit of the collar should be regularly checked.

2. The collar should be worn continuously. Remove collar when bathing dog or prior to dog swimming and replace when coat is dry. Replace collar every 5-6 month or earlier when its effectiveness diminishes.



Keep packaging well closed until ready to use and away from children, food and pet



Avoid excessive contact with the collar during application. After application wash hands thoroughly with water and soap. Irritation to dog may occur when the collar is worn tight, then loosen the collar. If irritation persists, remove collar. Avoid dog from biting or chewing the collar. Kiltix should not be used on dog with extensive skin lesion, sick or weak dog and on puppy.


First aids measures:

After skin contact, wash the skin immediately with plenty of water. After swallowing, induce vomiting by drinking 2 glasses of water and inserting fingers into the throat. Seek urgent medical attention and show packagings to the physician.



Average 38 cm long for small-sized dog.

Average 53 cm long for medium-sized dog.

Average 70 cm long for large-sized dog.


Manufactured by: KVP Pharma+Veterinar Produkte GmbH, Germany

 Repacked by: Bayer Thai Co.,Ltd.









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