Harvest 1st meadow honey - gold medal won at 14th International Fair of Beekeeping and Beekeeping Products “Medena Tuzla 2019. 218gr.

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156ml – 218g

About Us

We are the third generation of beekeepers. We are focused on a small amount of production but with a very high quality. Our apiary is located in an ecologically clean mountainous forest area (Transko Kraishte - one of the cleanest areas in Europe) at an altitude of 1180 m. away from roads and intensive agriculture. The bee products we offer do not have antibiotics, pesticides and any artificial ingredients.


Our apiary is not biologically certified, but this does not prevent us from growing our bees in accordance with all environmental and biological characteristics and to offer the highest quality to consumers. Two gold medals from two harvests of honey at The 14th International Fair of Beekeeping and Beekeeping Products “Medena Tuzla 2019” are proof of this.

Now we bring to your attention the gold medalists.


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Why Choose Bulgarian Bee Honey


Bulgarian honey is one of the best in the world, used to improve the quality of other honey in the world.


In Bulgaria there is a rich variety of over 1100 species of honey plants, 650 of which have healing properties. That is why Bulgarian honey is characterized by extremely high taste qualities so high that the importers use it as an enhancer of the mass honey sold in their countries.

Bee products are considered the most spiritual and the most magical food on the planet and also one of the best superfoods and sources of concentrated nutrition. Regular consumption of high quality and properly stored bee products is recommended at any time of the year. With the help of bee products and maintaining a healthy diet it is possible to prolong the active life of a person. Regular intake of bee products is certainly one of the best ways to prevent all diseases (as well as their treatment).

Crystallization of honey is a normal process, proving that honey is 100% natural.


What We Offer



We bring to your attention champion bee honey from two harvests 2019 with the logo VTS-Venelin Tsvetkov for uncompromising and sophisticated personalities.

We want to offer to the world quality natural bee products from small producers across the country without antibiotics, pesticides and any artificial ingredients.

But the pearl in the crown remains our VTS - Venelin Tsvetkov bee honey.
Useful Information About Bee Honey

As we all know, true honey crystallizes over time. This is one of the surest signs of whether we have pure natural honey or a well-hidden counterfeit.


The only important factor in melting crystallized honey is the temperature. It should not exceed 40 ° C to obtain the valuable enzymes in honey that are sensitive to high temperatures. It is common for many beekeepers to melt the crystallized honey at temperatures of the order of 70 ° C for faster liquefaction. This is highly undesirable because the quality of the product decreases dramatically and its advantageous properties decrease at the expense of an attractive commercial appearance. So you better buy honey that is not heat treated so you can melt at the desired temperature.

The liquefaction of candied honey at home is most convenient in a water bath. Fill a bowl with water and put the jar of honey in it so that it covers the throat. Heat the hob, oven, heat sink, or other heat source to reach the desired temperature. It is good to use a water thermometer to facilitate reading the temperature and maintain the correct levels. If you do not have a thermometer, it is sufficient to hold the temperature so that you can easily stand if you dip your finger in the water. How long the melting takes depends on the temperature you choose. The higher it is, the faster the liquefaction of honey will be, but then you will lose more of its beneficial properties. Crystallized copper can also melt at 28-30 ° C, which would keep it as high as possible, but it will obviously take much more time. The choice is individual and depends on the desired effect. To speed up the melting process, stir the honey from time to time. Typically, a jar of honey is needed for at least 24 hours to liquefy at 40 ° C.

The molten copper may recrystallize, but it will take much longer than the first time.

To slow down the crystallization process, do not try to pollute the honey or get water. The smaller the light and the air, the longer it stays in the liquid state. The storage temperature can also slow down or accelerate the crystallization. At normal room temperature - about 20 ° C - the honey crystallizes the fastest. If possible, store the honey at temperatures below and below 10 ° C in cellars, slaughtered, etc. When stored above 30 ° C, the crystallization is also delayed.


In general, the crystallized honey provides nothing to the freshly extracted liquid product. So, if you can consume it, it's better not to melt it. If you still want to put the bee honey on the liqueur, constantly check the temperature so you can fully enjoy the precious, beneficial elixir created by a drop of honeybees.

Shelf Life Of Honey

Bee honey has no shelf life.

There were ships that were sunk hundreds of years ago and whose cargo was made of sealed clay jars filled with bee honey. Analyzes show that it is edible without having lost its beneficial properties. Since ancient times, honey has been used as a preservative for meat, as the meat has been poured into honey in order not to spoil it.


Bee honey should not be stored for a long time in metal packaging because it dissolves the metal and becomes toxic. It is also not desirable to store bee honey for long period of time in plastic containers even if the containers are intended for food storage. The most suitable are glass or ceramic jars, but the latter are difficult to seal hermetically, that's why glass jars are often used for quality honey.


Bee Honey Storage

Bee honey should not be stored in sunlight because loses its properties. When it is exposed to direct sunlight it can be go bad.

Bee honey should be stored in a dark and cool place, but not in a refrigerator.

Packaging Offered By Us

Bee honey as a super food needs to be stored in ecological containers such as glass. That's why the honey offered by us is in glass jars of different volume.

156ml – 218g
30ml – 42g
Brands Offered By Us
VTS – Venelin Tsvetkov
For whom is our VTS - Venelin Tsvetkov bee honey intended
For those of you who do not compromise on quality of food and life, and for those of you who want to turn the page and start live fully with high quality foods. We bring to your attention champion products with the logo VTS-Venelin Tsvetkov for uncompromising and sophisticated personalities. If you consider yourself to be a sophisticated and non-compromising person with healthy eating, then you can try our two golden harvests of bee honey - VTS - Venelin Tsvetkov.

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