Synulox RTU Injection 40ml (for Cattle, Pigs & Small Animals)

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Synulox RTU Injection 40ml (for Cattle, Pigs & Small Animals)

Synulox RTU Injection 40ml (for Cattle, Pigs & Small Animals)




 Name: Pfizer



Synulox RTU Injection


Product Description

Synulox Ready-To-Use Suspension for Injection has a notably broad spectrum of bactericidal activity against the bacteria commonly found in cattle, pigs and small animals.
1.(a) In vitro Synulox is active against a wide range of clinically important bacteria including:
Gram-positive:Staphylococci (including beta-lactamase producing strains), Streptococci, Corynebacteria, Clostridia, Bacillus anthracis, Actinomyces bovis, Peptostreptococcus spp.
Gram-negative: Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, Escherichia coli (including beta-lactamase producing strains),Salmonellae (including beta-lactamase producing strains), Bordetella bronchiseptica, Campylobacter spp., Klebsiellae, Proteus spp., Pasteurellae, Fusobacterium necrophorum, Bacteroides (including beta-lactamase producing strains), Haemophilus spp., Moraxella spp. and Actinobacillus lignieresi.
2.Clinically, Synulox has been shown to be effective in treating a wide range of diseases including:
-Respiratory infections
-Soft tissue infections (e.g. joint/navel ill, abscesses etc.)
-Respiratory bacterial infections in growing pigs
-Periparturient infections in sows (eg mastitis, metritis and agalactia.)
Dogs and cats:
-Respiratory tract infections
-Urinary tract infections
-Skin and soft tissue infections (e.g. abscesses, pyoderma, anal sacculitis and gingivitis).


Directions For Use

The recommended dosage rate is 8.75 mg/kg bodyweight (7.0 mg amoxicillin, 1.75 mg clavulanic acid), equivalent to 1 ml of suspension per 20 kg bodyweight.
Treatment should be administered once daily for 3 to 5 days.
Shake the vial well before use. Inject by the subcutaneous or intramuscular route in dogs and cats, and by the intramuscular route only in cattle and pigs. After injection, massage the injection site.
The suspension is not suitable for intravenous or intrathecal administration. Great care should be taken to avoid contaminating the remaining contents of the vial with water (see 'Pharmaceutical precautions').
Combined therapy for the treatment of bovine mastitis: In the situation where systemic treatment as well as intramammary treatment is necessary, Synulox Ready-to-Use Suspension for Injection can be administered in combination with Synulox Lactating Cow Intramammary Suspension using minimum treatment regime specified in the data sheet.


Active Ingredient

35 mg/ml clavulanic acid as Potassium clavulanate and 140 mg/ml amoxicillin as Amoxicillin trihydrate.


Side Effects

In common with all other penicillins, Synulox should not be administered to rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters or gerbils. Caution is advised in its use in any other very small herbivores.
Use of the product may occasionally result in pain on injection and/or local tissue reaction.


Additional Data

Product Form: injection

Strength/Size: 40ml



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