Xylazin 2 % 30 ml

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Xylazin 2 % 30 ml

Xylazin 2 % 30 ml


Each ml contains:

20 mg Xylazine

Xylazine Hydrochloride Injection is recommended for sedation and analgesia in animals, restraining animals, minor surgical interventions, immobilization during transportation and used as a preanaesthetic.

Administration: Intramuscular route in most of the animals. For horses the preferable route of administration is intravenous.

Note: Lower dosage to be used for sedation without recumbency.

Caution: Should not be used in conjunction with tranquillizers or neuroleptic drugs. Animals in the last term of pregnancy should not be given. Regurgitation may be seen in some cattle. So keep the head raised.

Presentation: Multidose glass vials of 30 ml.

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